Delta League Championships Trials

Posted on 04/24/2022

It was a great day for the Blue Devils at the Delta League Championship Trials!

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Let's take a look at our point-scorers and section meet qualifiers!

In the frosh/soph girls division, Brooklin C grabbed 4th in the 3200. In the vault, Sidney J finished 3rd, Izzy C finished 4th, and Aine Walsh took 7th. Lydia B is the f/s girls triple jump champion! Team scores so far: 1. Saint Francis 44 2. Davis 28 3. PG 35 4. Franklin 20 5. CO 7 6. Sheldon 5

In the frosh/soph boys division, Jefferson W is the 3200m champ! In the same race, Tomas F, Jacob LH, and Jay D finished 6th through 8th respectively. In the vault, Jonatan A is your Delta League champ! Kolt C took 3rd. Thomas A had a massive triple jump PR of 42'6.75" to win the event. Cody L took 2nd, Yuma K took 4th, Ely W took 5th, and Lido H took 7th. Team scores so far: 1. Davis 64 2. PG 28 3. Jesuit 20 4. Franklin 17 5. Elk Grove 10 6. CO 3 7. Sheldon 1

In the varsity divisions, top 8 score points and advance to the SJS D1 championships. In the varsity girls division, Bella B took 2nd in the shot. Her team mate Mara B took 4th. In the vault, Cullen J finished 4th, Grata F finished 6th, Mimi A finished 7th, and Ahma M finished 8th. In the triple jump, Sophia B, Lindsey F, MIchelle K, and Haylee A finished 4th through 7th respectively. Team scores so far: 1. Saint Francis 51 2. Davis 38 3. PG 35 4. Franklin 20 5. CO 7 6. Sheldon 5

In the varsity boys division, Zach A took the 3200 crown! Ryan M finished 4th and Connor C finished 7th. In the disc, Andrew B took second and Michael P, after barely making the final, improved his mark and finished 7th. In the vault, Will S finished 2nd, Brady M finished 5th, Eli I finished 6th, and Kei S grabbed the 8th and final spot. In the triple jump, Michael L had a massive PR to take 3rd, Ben F finished 4th, Griffin S took 6th, and Dean F took 8th. Team scores so far: 1. Davis 59.5 2. Jesuit 48.5 3. PG 29 4. Elk Grove 10 5. CO 9