DHS Track and Field Operational Costs

Posted on 03/31/2021

Background Information

Even though we are technically four teams (frosh/soph boy, frosh/soph girls, varsity boys, varsity girls), we only have three total coaching stipends to use. The parcel tax funds a single class 1 coaching stipend and two class 2 coaching stipends (Thank you, Parcel Tax). 

We receive no financial support from the district for coaching stipends, equipment, travel, or anything else. 

We have to fundraise for the remainder of our operational costs, which, by definition, are necessary for our sport to function.



Projected Expenses based on previous years:

xcstats roster builder $195.00

Hiring a starter for our home meets: $1,500.00

Booster paid coaches: $16,410

Sub costs for teachers who coach: $1,514.59

Bus travel: $8,135.82

Hotels and travel to State Meet: estimate based on years past, $2,000

Meet entrance fees: estimate based on years past, $2,000.

Equipment of the sport: estimate based on years past and current needs (Replacement finishline computer, tarps for the long/triple pits, high jump standards): $3,000.00

Purchasing uniforms for those who can’t afford them: estimate based on years past, $600.00

Banquet Facility Use: $150.00

Total: $35,505.41


Your donation is optional, but we will put it to good use. If every family donates, we cover our costs for the season. The suggested donation for each family is $210.00.