Marauder Invitational Meet Summary

Posted on 06/08/2021

Hello Track and Field Athletes, Families, and Supporters,


Saturday’s Delta League Championships (Or “Marauder Invitational” if you prefer) was pure awesomeness. I was so impressed with our Blue Devil performances. I was equally impressed with our team spirit. It was a proud day.  Thanks to our parent volunteers! Thanks to those who came out to support!




The girls 4x1 – Sophia, Isabel, Emma, and Chloe – set the tone for sprinters and hurdlers with their convincing victory. The fellas – Ethan, Tai, Brendan, and Josiah – followed up with their season best time. Awesome job, 4x1s!


The 4x4s (best event in track) were inspirational. The girls finished 3rd in a close, hard-fought race. Kate, Emma, Anaya, and Chloe ran to a massive season best of 4:15. We then had to douse Chloe with water and drag her off the finishline so they could start the boys race. Speaking of which, the boys – Jake, Clay, Ben, and Sean – dominated in convincing fashion, running a season best 3:27.


Ray Ray had an outstanding day in the sprints (and the jumps too), running a 100m pr of 11.07 and a 200m pr of 22.81. I believe he would have won the 200m had they not recalled that first start on a timing error. Sam Leveau ran 23.89! How did I not have him sprinting earlier?! I blame Coach Rick for hiding him. Ethan also earned a 200m PR of 24.48. How ‘bout Clay Ballard coming back from a hamstring injury to win the 400! He and his teammate Sean went 1-2 in the 400m. Coach Elliott rejoiced. Jake, Josh, and Sam also had 400m PRs. Josh, as we discussed at our senior celebration, has battled injuries for his entire career. I’m happy to report that Josh ran and PR’d! It was Joshtastic. 


Sophia, Chloe, and Isabel battled hard in the fast heat of the 100m. Congrats to Charlotte who knocked two tenths of a second off her 100m PR, running 13.39. Plenty of PRs in the 200m: Chloe, 27.41; Isabel, 27.16; and Kate, 27.14. Awesome times! Emma Vogt, everybody, is your Delta League 400m champ! She ran a big PR of 61.09! Her teammate Kate was right behind her with huge PR of 62.76. And Coach Elliott rejoiced! Props to Elise who had to make a last-second switch to lane 8 (not easy to do), and still ran her second fastest career time.




Gabi finished in a hard-fought 4th in the 100h. Maddie and Dakota both PR’d in the 100h, 17.18 and 17.95 respectively. Both came back to PR again in the 300h, 50.04 and 55.01 respectively. In the same race, Elika PR’d at 53.34. In the previous heat, Sidney PR’d at 56 flat.


The boys did a great job as well. I want to start by mentioning Miguel, who crashed twice. Such is the life of a hurdler. Props to Miguel who always runs hard! Scott and Nolan ran great races, placing 3rd and 5th respectively.  Freshman Alex Oldham three-stepped the varsity hurdles and PR’d at 18.10. This is a rare accomplishment for a 9th grader. Ronan PR’d at 18.58. Dean ran an outstanding 43.36 to take 3rd overall in the 300h. His teammates Alex and Scott also PR’d, running 45.20 and 46.14 respectively.


Distance (By Coach Tim)


The distance group had a fantastic day!


In the 3200m every girl got either a season PR or lifetime PR. Abby Carroll took 2nd place and went under 12:00 for the first time ever, running 11:52. Grace Dwyer got a 46 second PR to run 12:20. Corrine DeJong improved her seasonal best by 14 seconds and ran 12:29. Anna Kelly improved her lifetime best by 47 seconds and ran 13:38. Jessica Oslund got a 14 second PR and ran 13:45. Elizabeth Young got a seasonal best improving her time by 27 seconds and ran 15:13.


Abby, Grace and Corinne all doubled up and came back later in the day to run the 1600m. Abby ran 5:41, Grace ran 5:43 and Corinne ran 5:57.


The guys 3200m was outstanding as well. Zach Ayers and Ansel Tucker went 1-2 with Zach tying his PR of 9:08 and Ansel getting a new PR of 9:12. Luca Maes got a seasonal best of 10:41. Luke Rashid ran 11:03 and Gavin Rashid ran 11:41 for a new PR.


The Guys 1600m was an incredible race to watch. Davis went 1-5. Diego Perez won with a new PR of 4:10, which is now the second fastest mile time ever for our track program. It then continued with Zach Ayers getting 2nd, Ansel Tucker taking 3rd, Ryan Mitchell in 4th and Connor Cougevan in 5th. Connor ran 4:32 which is not only a new PR but also the fastest mile time ever by a freshman at Davis High. Elian Malessy got a really nice PR of 2 seconds to run 4:51. Carlos-Miguel Campos and Cody Winsor finished right next to each other, both running 5:01, and Thomas Doherty ran 5:12.


This was a truly great day for us and the perfect way to end the season. Go BLUE DEVILS - DELTA LEAGUE CHAMPS!!!


800m runners (By Coach Elliott – It’s 11:14am, which means Willie is still sleeping)


Ben (2:06) and Sam (2:14) both PR’d! That’s a double PR for Sam by the way. Cooper ran a courageous race is a very fast heat.


Amie (2nd in 2:25), Anaya (3rd in 2:25), and Maddie (2:40) all PR’d in the girls 800, which was one of my favorite races of the day. This group has worked so hard!


High Jump (By Coach Lon)


Ray Oldham won the boys event with a 6'2" clearance and then had a super close miss at 6'5". Senior Nolan Bitners capped off his DHS track career with a 6'0" jump, which was good for second place. Eli Ishikawa nearly cleared 6 get as well, but in the end settled for 3rd at 5'10". Jacob Schall jumped a 5'6" meet PR for 5th. Freshman Dominic Nider continued his strong late-season form with a 5'4 jump for 6th (not to mention an unofficial clearance of 5'5" later in the day).


On the ladies side, Shay Hawkes came up clutch with a third attempt clearance at 5'4" to get the win. Sophia Ballard continued to show promise with a clean sheet performance of 4'8" to tie for 4th.


Throws (By Coach Matt)


The highlights from throws yesterday are as follows:


Michael Perez had an 8 foot PR in disc, throwing 118’3”. He finished 8th overall in the discus. 


Iryna had an 11 foot PR in the disc, throwing 80’3”. 


Bella Bitners threw 95” in disc, an 8 inch PR and enough for her to finish 6th overall…as a freshman. My money is on her for league champ next year. 


Nika Edsen finished 3rd overall in discus, throwing over 104 feet. 


Andrew Baum PR’d in shot put by over a foot, throwing 42’3.5”. He placed 6th overall in shot. 


On his last throw of his last meet, Tyler Venner uncorked a 50’1.5” bomb to win boys shot put by over 7 feet. That’s also a 2.5 foot PR. Kale and I were so excited, we nearly exploded. I woke up this morning still fired up about that last throw, much to the annoyance of the poor barista at Starbucks who wanted nothing more than for me to stop going on about it lol. 


I can’t tell you how proud we are of our throwers. They worked incredibly hard all season, and on Saturday, they competed like champions. 


Is it too early to get excited about next season? No, Coach Matt, it’s not too early.


Horizontal Jump (By Coach Sac. Spelling corrections by Coach Elliott)

The Davis jump crew came out and performed well. The crew won all four horizontal jumps yesterday. The lady jumpers were led by lily Gieschen winning the triple jump, Caitlin Mac Millen winning the long jump.


On the men's side, Dean Fulks won a close completion with Tai Hackett. They took first and second in the Triple Jump. The Long jump was won by Ray Olmsted (Oldham).


It was a very successful year by all of the jumpers.


I want to thank Tai Hackett and Lily Gieschen for their team leadership in the horizontal jumps.

I want to thank all of the horizontal jumpers for their dedication and hard work to make this season a great success.


Horizontal Jumps Part II (By Coach Spencer)


Our girls jumpers swept the top 3 in the long jump - both Caitlin (16' 9") and Lily (16' 3.5") PR'd. Coach Sac and I were excited to see Sophia Ballard place 5th despite only about two weeks of coaching. 


Lily also won the girls' triple jump (36'), and it's always awesome to see 4 of the 6 total athletes wear Davis blue. Special shout out to Melody Ho, who worked her butt off all season and PR'd on Saturday with 31' 0.5".


Ray won the boys long jump with a PR of 20' 5.5", with Davis snagging 6 of the top 9. Very proud of Dean Fulks, who had a huge triple jump PR to win with 38' 6.5". He was one of 8 Blue Devils to place in the top 9, including all of the top 3 (along with Tai and Parker). Also nice to see Julian finish 6th with a big PR at 36' 5".


Pole Vault (You know how good I am at conveying the nuances of pole vault)


Will finished third overall with a jump of 13’6”. As only a knowledgeable vault coach like me would understand, this was as an impressive mark considering how injury forced Will to take a very short approach. Sam and Sean both vaulted 11’6; Nolan and Lukas both went 10’6.


Gabi was second overall at 10’0. Maddie was 7th at 9’. Rachel, 8’; Greta, 7’6’; Ahma and Sidney, both 7’. What an awesome year for our vaulters!


Props to Nolan, Sam, Maddie, Gabi, and Sidney for bouncing back and forth between pole vault and their numerous other events. Very impressive!


Who wants to see some team scores?


I do!


Women - Team Rankings - 16 Events Scored

1)Davis (217) 2)St Francis (83)

3)Elk Grove (82.50) 4)Pleasant Grove (75)

5)Franklin (EG) (66) 6)Cosumnes Oaks (53)

7)Sheldon (32.50)


Men - Team Rankings - 16 Events Scored

1)Davis (268) 2)Pleasant Grove (97.50)

3)Jesuit (91) 4)Cosumnes Oaks (54)

5)Elk Grove (53.50) 6)Sheldon (35)


I proclaim us league champs.


Thank you, everybody. Like Coach Matt, I’m excited for next season! But first, I’m going to take a few days to enjoy this one. I’m so proud of you all!


Coach Elliott